In 1948, La Vern Lyon returned with his family to the Jamestown area. Vern was a character out of yesterday, he played hard and worked even harder. Working for Mrs. House of Aluminum Contracting for a few years, Vern went on to open his own contracting business Lyon Roofing & Siding. An employee fell in the 2nd year of business, causing Vern to close Lyon Roofing & Siding and he went to work for Jimmy Davis for 5 years. In 1960, Vern and his wife Mary opened Falconer Home Improvement. Vern moved to Binghamton NY in 1962. While visiting the Jamestown area in 1964, Vern had a bad truck accident where he broke one vertebra in his neck in 3 places. Being treated in Buffalo Veterans Hospital, Vern moved to Falconer NY. After recovering from his injuries Vern started contracting again as Lyon Home Improvement. Vern created a relationship with Norandex of Erie PA while running Lyon Home Improvement. Norandex would not sell to just anyone and with all of Vern’s contracting buddies in the area, Vern would resell Norandex aluminum and eventually Norandex/Certainteed vinyl products to smaller contractors. Lyon Home Improvement remained in the Falconer area until 1989 when Vern retired. During those 20 plus years, Vern had his hands in many other ventures including Levant Rollerarena (a roller skating rink), and two bars, Bonesy’s and the Witch Kitch Inn.

In 1990, the contracting buddies asked Vern about supplying them with seamless aluminum gutters. At the time there were two contractors in the area who had roll form machines but were so busy with their own jobs, the other contractors were at the mercy of those two contractors. Norandex still did not sell products to the smaller contractors and in the summer of 1990 Vern opened Falconer Siding and Eavestrough Supply in a small building at 21 E Falconer Street. Supplying contractors with Norandex siding and seamless gutters, Vern never intended on installing materials, just supplying them to the contractors. In its first year, it was clear the small warehouse was just too small. Vern’s daughter Jean Sharp, who had been his right hand for his business ventures since the early 80’s, assumed ownership. Moving the business down the street 2 doors, Vern and Jeanie renamed the business Falconer Gutter Supply. Vinyl Replacement Windows drove sales up and in 1994 Vern decided to push the gutter end of the business further by having a crew to install the seamless gutters for the contractors. The contractors saw this as a service as most of them didn’t want to waste their time installing the gutters. Jean’s son Mike Sharp, was hired back into the family business. Mike had worked for his Grandfather at Lyon Home Improvement during the summers through his school years. Mike had moved on to factory work and then to factory maintenance work after Vern retired in 1989. Mike and Vern installed gutter daily in 1995 until Vern started to slow down due to his health. By the fall of 1995 the decision was made to hire someone else to take Vern’s place on the truck. Mike’s friend, Jeff Peterson, was brought in to help finish things off for the season and was brought back in the spring of 1996 full time.

November of 1996, Vern past away from cancer at the age of 74. Mike came off the truck that winter and an assistant installer was hired to help Jeff the following spring. Following Vern’s lead, Jean and Mike actively pursued other roll form contractors in New York and Pennsylvania supplying them with raw gutter coils and accessories. Window sales again picked up with addition of the Xact product line by MI Home Products. Norandex sales continued strong in 2000, as a couple of Lumber Yards started purchasing aluminum materials. In 2005, Windows sales jumped again with two lumber yards purchasing through Falconer Gutter Supply.

In the fall of 2013, the difficult decision was made to stop installing gutter, it was a rough decision to let Jeff go after so many years together. On site deliveries are still available today.

Although Jean and Mike may not play as hard as Vern, one thing is sure, they still work just as hard for their customers.